Meet Amy

Hi! I’m Amy.


I was a critical care nurse for nearly 20 years and trust me, I’ve seen it all. People often ask me why I didn’t go back to nursing after I moved to Atlanta. Honestly, I’d rather keep people out of the hospital than be a part of temporary fixes provided in the hospital.  (I always say, you can’t get better on broth and Jello….salt and sugar….where’s the nutrition?)


   My #1 goal is to see people heal holistically.


I’m committed to helping anyone who is both literally and figuratively sick and tired of being sick and tired. My personal mission in life is to assist those ready to make a serious shift in their health by starting with one simple change.


Now assessing what that one simple change is depends on the individual, but I’ve dedicated my life to making sure that I can master enough techniques to help bring mind, body and soul balance to anyone facing a health challenge or hoping to just live optimally.


Healing is in my blood. Literally.

Holistic Healing With Amy

My uncle Bill lived to be 101 years on his 5 acre farm that he plowed and tilled himself every year. His profession was making false teeth and he had his own lab at his house. I spent many summers roaming the fields and picking, canning and eating vegetables, giving me a lifelong appreciation for natural living.

I worked for 20 years as a Critical Care nurse at a level one trauma and teaching hospital in the Intensive Care Unit in Pittsburgh, PA. I specialized in the Medical ICU which did Toxicology as well, doing education around overdoses, snake and spider bites and other unusual situations. I got my 4 year degree with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a minor in Psychology from the University of Carlow.

Holistic Healing With Amy
Holistic Healing With Amy
Holistic Healing With Amy

 I also competed for the college in Judo as a Woman of Spirit, earning the nickname Bone Crusher. Being ranked #1 in the country in Judo during the early 90s.

I took a 3rd in the Pam AMs and competed in 2 US Olympic Festivals. Although I was eligible to compete in the Olympics in Atlanta, the IOC chose not to include the lightest and heaviest weight divisions and therefore, my weight division was cut. So after watching my training partner take 7th at that Olympics, I went on to coach for several more years and have been known to lead an occasional summer camp.

I became certified in Reiki while participating in a study for ICU nurses to determine if using Reiki could reduce patients' need for sedation or pain meds while in the ICU; not surprising, it proved true. I traveled to Taiwan in the late 90s and began studying about natural healing. I took some classes thinking I would become a Naturopathic Doctor.  Although I chose a different direction, I learned things that forever added to my knowlege base.


I joined my current company who's nickname is, “The Company with a Heart” in 2009. Their mission statement is, “to inspire healthy living around the world”. I discovered being a positive example and living the mission in my daily life is the best way to naturally attract others to join me.

Holistic Healing With Amy